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Saône to Rhône is the new interdisciplinary research project of the Juste 2°C organization. A field campaign that will take place along the Saône and the Rhône is planned for March 2024.

Our project aims to combine research and education by offering the possibility of making stopovers, meet the schools located along the route and will be monitored throughout the year. The educational project is designed in connection with the school program.

We work closely with teachers to create educational materials on the subject of environmental science, most of these resources will be available online for free.

Educational goals

  • Promote the discovery of the Environment by the student (through the study of waterways and wetlands).

  • Present the diversity of the scientific world (scientific disciplines, professions, tools) through the experience of the students carrying out the project.

  • Mobilize students in a science project.

  • Encourage students to develop an interdisciplinary approach to scientific issues.

Here you can find the brochure summarizing the educational project:

Do you want to join the educational project?

You can find the tracking form to access our exchange platform with the teaching staff:

Thank you for your participation !

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