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For us, Research make sense when shared. To carry out this transmission of knowledge, we used awareness-raising tools of different kinds.

Remotely, we offered online content on our social networks, on Youtube and on our website. 

Because scientific mediation is facilitated by live exchanges, we have also set up actions to face-to-face awareness: they materialize partly in our educational project but also through interventions in institutions such as the Climate Academy, the Museum of Toulouse, the Cité de la Voile, and in other places. We have also participated in one-off events: science fairs, festivals, meetings, conferences, study days,...

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To convey it to as many people as possible, we used several media.

Among them, video is a important way of transmission . Thus, we had the chance to build a series of videos of awareness on our various research themes. Eventually, we are working on the production of a documentary film.

In addition to the video, we were able to participate in the podcast From tomorrow produced by the ENS of Ulm.

Finally, motivated by this desire to show the challenges of polar research and the fragility of Antarctic ecosystems, we present a traveling exhibition which circulates in many cities of France. In this exhibition, photos and scientific equipment used on board are presented.

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