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Mediation & Sensitization

Juste 2.0°C organization offers awareness workshops to the general public at various events: science fairs, festivals, meetings, etc.

These workshops aim, through fun activities, is to discover some of the research themes of the Saône 2 Rhône project, as well as highlighting the scientific approach.

Découvrez notre catalogue de médiation: 


Here are some examples:

- Around sensitive cartography

Our perception of the environment is constructed and influenced by our cultural and social context. Sensitive mapping helps encourage participants to explore their own relationship with space and create a handmade map that represents their personal history and experiences.

The process is designed to be creative, inclusive and participatory, with particular attention to listening and sharing.

It also makes it possible to discover the multiple methods and types of representations that can be used by cartographers, while relating the importance and diversity of the tools (scale, legend, etc.) necessary for understanding a map.


- What is a watercourse?

Through a fun card game created by the Juste 2.0°C team, this workshop allows you to discover the complexity of rivers and to reconstruct the elements that compose them: major bed, minor bed, meander, island...


This workshop also allows think about the different impacts of the installations, such as dams or locks, on the route or even the flow of watercourses.

- Jeu de rôle

Nous animerons un atelier sous la forme d’un jeu de rôles pour envisager la complexité des relations autour de la rivière. Une rivière, c’est de l’eau certes, mais aussi : des plantes, des animaux de toutes sortes, des pêcheurs, des familles qui se promènent, et même du sable, des cailloux et des déchets plastiques… Comment ces éléments réagissent et interagissent en cas de crue ? En cas de travaux d'aménagement du cours d'eau ou des berges ? Nous proposons une façon ludique et participative pour tenter de répondre à ces questions, en proposant aux participant·es d’incarner les êtres et éléments de la rivière. 

- Fishing plastics 


The objective of this workshop is to understand the origin of microplastics present in waterways and discuss their consequences. Thus the different ways of decomposition of plastic in waterways are studied to understand the origin of microplastics.

Using the scientific approach, this workshop offers everyone build a simple protocol to collect and observe microplastics.


The use of a UV lamp and a microscope makes it possible to visualize microplastics and thus invite discussion concerning the consequence of their presence and their fate in aquatic environments.

- Reconstruction of the carbon cycle

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the chemical element and biogeochemical cycle concept based on the example of carbon.


The workshop is built around the scientific approach in order to build experimental protocols allowing to detect the presence of carbon in various components.

Thus, thanks to various illustrations and simple and fun experiments, we reconstruct the carbon cycle in a collaborative way.


The reconstruction of this biogeochemical cycle makes it possible to discuss together the impact and consequences of human activities on it. 

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