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Become a Partner!

Whether you are a foundation, a company, an association, a community or a public establishment, you have a role to play in the success of this project. We are committed to fostering links between the different poles of scientific culture: research, politics, institutions, mediation, entrepreneurship, citizenship.

Our project is part of the United Nations decade of ocean sciences for sustainable development. In fact, we are actively seeking partners who share our desire to contribute to the sustainable development goals.

decennie ONU

Taking part in Antarctica 2.0 ° C means:

Engaging in the fight against climate change and for the reduction of the human footprint on polar and marine ecosystems


Working in favour of the realization of innovative and responsible student projects (flexible and resource-saving floating laboratory)


Supporting a better understanding of the world among the general public and the younger generations


Arming ourselves to better understand current and future crises


Through your sense of commitment, your expertise and funding capacities, you can help us make the various aspects of the project a reality:

  • Research project : development of the laboratory and the sailboat, technical and scientific equipment

  • Educational project : development of content, support for teachers, interventions in classes

  • Awareness project : popularization content, citizen actions, innovative initiatives

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