Educational outreach

Popularizing our research is an essential aspect of our work, as aspiring researchers. Science is only useful if it is passed on, and especially to future generations.

This is why we are in contact with several teachers to offer educational content on environmental sciences. Much of this content will be available on an online platform, with open access.

On expedition

January 2021

August 2021

September 2022

The educational project is broken down into 3 phases:

1 - Educational research projects by and for students

Presentation of the ecosystems crossed and the associated scientific disciplines.

Editing of mini-research projects built with the students.

(~ 30 classes concerned)

2 - From the sea laboratory to classrooms

Platform put online and freely accessible, updated regularly during the expedition: logbook, scientific data, navigation, stopovers.

Ready-to-use educational sheets dealing with the official program (primary - secondary - upper) in class with Antarctica 2.0 ° C as support.


(no limit to the number of classes)

3 - Feedback

Series of conferences, interventions and workshops in schools, colleges, high schools and universities that followed us, in the cities that took part in the project and among our partners.

Finalization of a popular video channel on our scientific projects.

Participation in general public events (science festival, etc.)

Download the details of the projects by level here!