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Popularizing our research is an essential aspect of our work, as aspiring researchers. Science is only useful if it is passed on, and especially to future generations.

This is why we are in contact with several teachers to offer educational content on environmental sciences. Much of this content will be available on an online platform, with open access.

Educational objectives
  • To raise awareness of environmental protection issues, through the examples of the oceans and polar environments,

  • To encourage the discovery of the scientific world and its diversity (scientific disciplines, professions, tools) through the experience of the students carrying the project,

  • To support the development of the scientific approach by the students,

  • To promote the interest and experience of interdisciplinarity.

Click on the images to access the different pages of the educational project!

Follow the scientific expedition
To follow the expedition day by day on the map and read the logbook.
To access the scientific data of the expedition, to external resources or those built by our Pedagogy department .
Jojo le manchot's logbook
To access news about Jojo le manchot, the association's mascot.
Copie de Olivier_et_sediment.jpg
Expedition logbook
To access the team's logbook and field diaries
For the teachers
To access resources for teachers.
To access the collection of sharing with schools.
Would you like to join the educational project ?
Do you want to join the educational project?

You can find the follow-up form to access our exchange platform with the educational staff 

Academies of Nice and Toulouse: Calls for projects launched in partnership with the association

Thank you !

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