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Travelling Exhibition

The traveling exhibition is intended to illustrate the experiences and challenges that the six scientists who have gone to Antarctica over the past six months have had to overcome .

As part of the educational mission and science popularization of Just 2.0°C, this exhibition will be open to the general public, while reserving time for schoolchildren. A first part will be dedicated to a photo exhibition of the expedition accompanied by soundscapes recorded during the crossing and in Antarctica. The second part of the exhibition will then be more devoted to scientific protocols and will present the equipment used during the experiments (microplastic net, pump, pipe, filter holder, small drone, camera tripod, decanter, etc.).


Affiche exposition photo.png
First part of the exhibition:
Photography and soundscapes
A scientific approach in an Austral environment

Excerpt from the note of intent:

    Photography finds its place here as a medium of awareness. it can show the world, especially when the world is changing”, wrote Marc Riboud. This exhibition aims to show you how students are doing scientific research on this changing world.

Show the austral environment in its beauty, but also in its constraints to carry out field research. Show how the six members of the expedition tried, on their own scale, to study humans and their impacts on the Atlantic and southern ecosystem. 


    Raising awareness through photography is arousing interest. So in this exhibition, we have chosen to present to you things that have marked us, by trying to convey to you these emotions, these sensations and these reflections that make research in the field. This is one of the missions that we carry out, when we return from our research campaign: to make the general public aware of the scientific approach and the consequences of climate change.

Second part of the exhibition: On-board scientific equipment

​Pump and pipes, nets, sieves, filters, full suit, sand... you will discover what the expedition laboratory looked like and some of the equipment used in the field!

Some images from Télé Bretagne Ouest:


Lorient - City of Sailing


from March 24 to 27, 2022

24 and 25: Reception of schoolchildren

26 and 27: Welcome of the general public by members of the expedition and the Just 2.0°C association for workshops on scientific protocols (microbiology, sociology of science)

Chemillé-en-Anjou - Social Center
from May 19 to 28

Reception of classes from the region who have followed the project

Paris Saclay - ENS Paris-Saclay

from March 29 to April 8, 2022


Cholet - Sainte Marie High School


from May 30 to June 3

Interventions with high school students

Bourg-Saint-Maurice - Media library

from April 12 to 30, 2022

from 12 to 15: Welcoming of schoolchildren

Paris - ENS Ulm


from May 23 to June 6


Lyon - ENS of Lyon


May 5

FormaSciences Day

Monaco - Oceanographic Museum

June 11

Workshops for the general public around the ecology of penguins

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