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Our Mentors

They embody all the aspects of the project: science, education and adventure!
The expedition ANTARCTIque  2.0 ° C benefits from their support and expert advice.
We would like to thank them!
Jamy Gourmaud

Journalist, science popularizer and now YouTuber! If we do scientific studies today, it is partly because of him and his program "C'est pas Sorcier", thanks to which an entire generation has been awakened to science. We owe him a great debt, which is why we are so honored for his support of the expedition.

Delphine Lannuzel

An expert in the Antarctic sea ice, she works more particularly on the biogeochemistry of iron. She participates in interdisciplinary projects at IMAS (Hobart, Australia) and with other laboratories around the world. Delphine helped us build and link our projects together, and put us in contact with specialists in the themes studied.

Clarisse Crémer

Finisher of the legendary Vendée Globe 2020, she took us with her to dream throughout her world tour with her videos. Her dazzling career in the world of sailing convinced us that young people have their place there, and can quickly make things happen! It is with pride that we will receive her on board the ship before the expedition begins.

Mike Horn

Adventurer and explorer, he is passionate about the polar regions; he notably made the longest unassisted north-south crossing of Antarctica. His travels made us dream: he is a source of inspiration and experienced advice for our expedition.

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