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Antarctica is today the last relatively preserved ecosystem on the planet. It is also the most threatened by human activity and the climatic upheavals it engenders: pollution, melting ice, overcrowding, etc. Defined as an international, peaceful territory reserved for scientific activities, Antarctica is also the site of the subject of growing tensions over its governance and the exploitation of its natural resources.

In order to study the impact of these phenomena on the southern ecosystem , a team of 6 students from the École Normales Supérieures in Paris, Paris-Saclay and Lyon created the Antarctic 2.0 ° C project. This is a scientific sailing expedition aimed at reaching the Antarctic Peninsula by crossing the Atlantic from North to South . Along the route, analyzes and samples will be taken to carry out an interdisciplinary research project associating biology, chemistry, geosciences and social sciences.


The departure of the expedition is scheduled for September 2021 aboard the Lun II, a splendid old Norwegian rig built in 1914! This will be converted into a real floating laboratory to accommodate the equipment needed for the scientific expedition. By this daring bet, we wish to limit as much as possible the carbon footprint of Antarctica 2.0 ° C.


Antarctica 2.0 ° C also wants to help raise as many people as possible aware of the environmental issues weighing on the poles and the oceans. This is why we are developing a substantial educational project in partnership with schools, from primary to higher education. A series of documentary films as well as numerous digital content will also be produced to involve the general public in this scientific and human adventure.

To allow Antarctica 2.0 ° C to set sail in September 2021, we need your help!

The expedition requires a significant budget, in particular for the fitting out of our boat:

  • On the one hand, we are building a real floating laboratory there which will allow us to collect, store and analyze our samples.

  • On the other hand we have to strengthen the bow and the stern, modify the helm system and rethink the interior layout in order to live there for almost 8 months.

These expenses, which represent half of the budget, will not have to be incurred on future expeditions . This is an investment you can contribute to bring the Just 2.0 ° C tool to life. To these expenses we add a cash register that will allow us to purchase food and daily equipment throughout the trip.

  • Finally, such an expedition also requires specific equipment. The prize pool will contribute to the purchase of suitable technical equipment.

If Antarctica 2.0 ° C benefits from the support of its partners, your financial participation is essential . In particular, it allows a regular contribution of funds for the construction site of the Lun-II, essential to the good progress of the works and the respect of deadlines.

By contributing to the Antarctic 2.0 ° C project, you allow us to carry out the project for which we have been working for 2 years now!

From now on, you take a concrete part in the protection of the oceans and the southern environment. You also work to disseminate scientific research and its issues to as many people as possible, and in particular to the citizens of tomorrow. Finally, you are supporting an original and innovative initiative which hopes, in its own way, to get you on board!


Total budget: 330,000 €

The transparent areas correspond

funds still to be raised on February 7, 2021


Found: 160,000 € | In progress: 170,000 €


To support the Antarctic 2.0 ° C project:

  • You want to make a simple donation. Visit our crowdfunding campaign! HelloAsso will also offer you to contribute to the operation of their platform, kindly made available to us.

  • You wish to make a tax-exempt donation. We have a partnership with the ENS foundation allowing you to make a donation to them via a specific form. Donations are then donated to the project.

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