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ANTARCTIQUE 2.0 ° C is a sailing expedition that leaves Lorient in Marseille in October 2021, crosses the Atlantic Ocean to the Antarctic Peninsula, to return to Lorient in March 2022 !

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But it is also an interdisciplinary research project built by 6 students in partnership with a dozen scientific laboratories , to better understand the human footprint on the ecosystems crossed.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The 5 research axes are interconnected:

  • Climatology : Impact of atmospheric rivers on the surface mass balance of the Antarctic ice cap (IGE - LSCE - CESAM)

  • Biogeochemistry of metals and microbiology : Comparison of the structure and sensitivity of marine and coastal ecosystems around limited resources (LEMAR - IMAS - LOMIC)

  • Microplastics : Characterization of the presence of microplastics and its effects on ecosystems in seawater, sea ice and fresh snow (MIO - USaCh)

  • Population biology : Impact of climate change on the penguin populations in the Antarctic Peninsula (CSM - WHOI - IPHC)

  • Sociology of science : Ethnography of scientific cooperation and governance of the Fildes peninsula (PRINTEMPS - LIER)

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The objective of the expedition is to promote the dissemination of the scientific approach concerning the effects of climate change and anthropization. This is why educational content is created in partnership with teachers of all levels, to be accessible to the greatest number of students and adults.

To make the general public aware of environmental issues, a documentary film is also planned for the big screen. It will be complemented by a series of informal videos on the association's YouTube channel, to show the everyday aspects of the expedition.

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They recognize our actions

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