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Departure from the port of Marseille , France , aboard a sailboat specially fitted out for a 6-month scientific expedition.


Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. During this crossing we will be able to carry out our marine research projects over a large part of the Atlantic.


After about 2 months we will arrive in Punta Arenas , scientific and logistical rear base of the Chilean Antarctic missions. This is where  the polar science projects can start.


We will then head south, straight towards Antarctica. In the footsteps of Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle, we will cross the legendary Drake Passage . Gradually, we will see the first icebergs appear.

At the beginning of December we will anchor at King George Island where two of us will disembark on a scientific basis while the others continue towards  the Antarctic Peninsula.

After two months in the peninsula, return planned with stopovers in Ushuaia and the Falklands before heading north again, heading for Brittany where an arrival is expected at the end of March.



Planning for shipping:


- September 26, 2021: departure from the Mediterranean

- November 2021: arrival in Punta Arenas

- early December 2021: arrival in the Antarctic zone

- early February 2022: departure from the Antarctic zone

- end of March 2022: return to Brittany

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