We set sail from the port of Lorient, France, on board of a sailboat that is fully equipped for an 8 month scientific expedition.


Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean: some short stopovers at the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, northern Brazil and finally at Buenos Aires will allow us to regularly refill our water and fresh food stocks. During the transit we will be able to carry out our marine research projects on a great portion of the Atlantic.


After a few weeks we will arrive in Ushuaia, capital of the Tierra del Fuego province, at the southernmost point of Argentina. Here, the polar scientific projects can begin.  

Then we head south, straight for Antarctica. In the footsteps of Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle, we cross the Drake passage, as the first icebergs start to show up.


For Christmas of 2021, we berth at Deception Island, one of the South Shetland Islands, a volcanic caldeira. This will be our last stop before the Antarctic peninsula.


We push even further south to reach a research station, where we stay for 2 months.


Expected schedule for the expedition :


- September 2021 : departure from Lorient

- mid-November 2021 : arrival at Ushuaia

- start of December 2021 : arrival at the Falkland Islands

- end of December 2021 : arrival at Deception Island

- January 2022 : arrival at the research station in Antarctica

- March 2022 : departure from the station to Ushuaia

- April 2022 : arrival at Ushuaia and return trip to France