Juste 2.0 ° C is first and foremost twenty students motivated to carry out research, educational and awareness-raising projects around environmental sciences !
Apoline Zahorka
Prépa  BCPST / Geosciences ENS Ulm - Pedagogy and mediation teams

Very focused on the links between living things and their environment, passionate about all sciences and loving nature, she joins the association to communicate around these themes. Convinced that education is the basis of tomorrow's society, she is also very interested in teaching and is therefore particularly involved with the youngest, in the pedagogy team, to introduce them to today's research. Apoline has always been interested in many disciplines and finds here a great opportunity to cross many of them together.

Baptiste Arnaud
Prépa  BCPST / Biology ENS Paris-Saclay / Agrégé BGB - Pedagogy, research teams

Particularly intrigued by the survival of organisms in extreme conditions, he joined the Antarctic 2.0°C project to study the microorganisms of the oceans crossed. After graduating in Biochemistry - biological engineering, which he obtained in 2021, he joined the pedagogy team to associate his research project with a knowledge transmission project.

Capucine Martin
Prépa  A / L  / English ENS Lyon - Communication team

Interested in social sciences and concerned by issues related to climate change, she is preparing a research thesis on the social cost of European environmental policy in the United Kingdom. She joined Juste 2.0°C as a volunteer in April 2021, then as an intern during the summer of the same year in order to be able to invest more time in the communication team of the association. After a scientific baccalaureate, Capucine indeed hesitated a lot between a scientific or literary course. Producing popularization or scientific mediation content for the benefit of the general public allows her to bring together several areas of interest and to be in tune with her convictions.

Clément Astruc-Delor
Prépa  PC / Geosciences ENS Ulm - Admin, pedagogy, mediation and research teams

After a Franco-German course in college and high school dotted with mini-scientific projects, a PCSI / PC prepa in Toulouse, Clément anchored in the geosciences department of the ENS in Paris (and will also sail in the department of social Sciences). He is keen on studying the biogeochemistry of metals in the ocean and ice to monitor the state of phytoplankton ecosystems and policies for the management and protection of these spaces.

Clothilde Pestel
Ocean course, SciencesPo Paris - Pedagogy, mediation, and admin teams


Having chosen to dedicate her civic career to the protection of maritime spaces, she thus joins

Just 2°C  as part of her 1st year internship and continues her investment throughout her

2nd year. Passionate about her studies in Latin American geopolitics and wishing to work in international relations, she quickly wishes to put her knowledge into practice to help in the administrative procedures of the association. Convinced of the importance of popular science, she is also committed to the international development of educational projects as well as partnerships with museums.

Emmanuel Quentric
Prépa  PSI / Centrale Lille - Logistics team

A former scout and then a soldier, Emmanuel did a PSI prépa in Lorient and entered Centrale Lille in 2021. He became passionate about the exploration world, in particular thanks to Christian Clot and Mike Horn, and discovered the Juste 2°C project in October 2020. Seduced by this adventurous side, he volunteered there in February 2021 in exchange for a chocolate waffle and joined the logistics team.

Joanna stierlin
Prépa  B / L  / Cognitive Sciences ENS Ulm - Pedagogy team

Passionate about teaching since high school, Joanna is starting her second master's degree to become a school teacher in order to put into practice her skills acquired during her first educational-oriented research master's in cognitive sciences at the ENS de Paris. Concerned by the themes of climate change and with the objective of bringing research into classrooms, it is with great interest that she joined the educational team of the association Juste 2 degrés.

Lana lenourry
Prépa  BCPST / Magistère de Biologie Université de Paris-Saclay / Biology ENS Paris-Saclay - Admin, pedagogy, mediation and research teams

She discovered the complexity of animal behavior at ENS Paris-Saclay and was passionate about polar environments. Curious and dynamic, she is involved in the development of the Antarctic 2.0°C expedition and will devote herself to the study of penguin populations once on the white continent.

Margot Legal
Prépa B / L  / Social Sciences ENS Ulm - Admin, pedagogy, mediation and research teams

She is part of the team that will embark for Antarctica, where she will carry out an ethnography of human activity in the peninsula. She hopes in this way to help shed light on the complex governance of this region. Passionate about the sea and sailing, she is delighted to set sail and bring a sociological perspective on the progress of the mission on board!

Martin Besnier
Prépa  BCPST / Biology ENS Paris-Saclay / Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - Communication team

Curious and wishing to contribute to a positive future, Martin undertook a scientific course combining ecology, city and innovation. Bouncing from project to project (and from anecdotes to anecdotes), he is preparing, now a graduate, to attempt an entrepreneurial adventure at the interface of the disciplines that are dear to him. Having followed the first fathoms of Juste 2.0°C, he has been at the helm of the communication department since January 2021. As part of a dream team, he participates in the promotion of the association and in the production of content on our different networks.

Mathias Delahaye
Prépa  BCPST / ENS Paris-Saclay Biology - Communication team

Currently doing a Phd thesis in neuroscience in Vancouver, Canada, Mathias studied in the biology department of ENS Paris-Saclay. Passionate about running and addicted to the great outdoors, Mathias spends most of his time either in a lab coat or running on the trails or on the track. Aware of the impacts of human activity on our beautiful blue planet, Mathias joined Juste 2°C in order to participate in the communication around student projects on this issue.

Mathieu Poupon
Prépa BCPST / Geosciences ENS Ulm - Video team

Currently doing a thesis in oceanography at Princeton in the United States, Mathieu is passionate about science and the dissemination of knowledge. Committed to the climate, he devotes most of his free time to pass on to the public the keys to understanding the inner workings of our planet. Whether it is by speaking in classes, making videos or creating applications, all means are good to talk about the climate! Mathieu joined Juste 2°C to produce a series of popular videos on climate change.

Niels Dutrievoz
Prépa  BCPST / ENS Paris-Saclay Biology - Video, communication, research teams

After a course in Biology at ENS Paris-Saclay, Niels completed an M2 in the Department of Geoscience at ENS in Paris. Niels is passionate about mountains and cinema. His father, a high mountain guide and film director, introduced him to mountaineering and the seventh art at a very young age. Antarctica is a place that particularly fascinates him. In 2013, he crossed part of Greenland on skis in winter with his father and brother. It was on this occasion that he discovered the Arctic world. From this trip was born a fascination for the polar regions. It was his commitment to the study of environmental sciences that inevitably led him to lead a scientific expedition to Antarctica.

Olivier smith
Prépa  BCPST / Material Sciences ENS Lyon - Communication, mediation and research teams

Currently a student in material sciences at ENS de Lyon, he uses his skills as a chemist to for the microplastics part of the Antarctic mission. He is passionate about science of all kinds, from nanoparticles to rockets. But above all, he is in love with nature, whether it is to explore it by hike, bike, sail, or to install his hammock between two trees. It is therefore by combining the useful with the pleasant that he takes part in the 2°C Antarctic expedition: exploration with the collection of samples and data, which are invaluable for understanding the impact of pollution. plastic in distant ecosystems.

Patrick Auger
Prépa PSI / Engineering ENS Paris-Saclay - Pedagogy, admin, mediation teams

After 2 years of prépa in Aix-en-Provence, Patrick joined the mechanical engineering department of ENS Paris Saclay. During his year of Master 2 of Training in Higher Education, he discovered the project with curiosity thanks to Baptiste whom he was able to meet through the associative life of the school.
First in the educational team and then in the mediation team, he joins the admin team to carry out an action on its own scale with a view to raising awareness of the challenges of global warming.

Yann Smith
IUT GE2I / UTBM - Pedagogy team

Passionate about all outdoor activities, Yann is a great lover of nature. He is currently pursuing an engineering school specializing in electronics at UTBM. He joined the association within the pedagogy pole to support his brother Olivier but also because the project inspires him a lot.