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Call for projects

Calls for projects

To convey our experience to the public, we have chosen the audiovisual medium, which is a popular medium for many. The expected format consists of 4 documentary films of 52 minutes. A production dossier is in the works, to then submit this series to television channels. Each part of this series will revolve around one of our study themes.

We hope, with this series of films, to raise awareness among children and adults alike. The films will be presented during forums / projections in order to spark debates around climate change.


During these events, we will also be able to present our results, in order to promote exchanges between scientists and citizens, by explaining the link between climate change in the polar regions and global climate change.

Formulate a scientific problem and design as a team the oceanographic sensors to answer it
Academy of Nice - High schools all streams

As part of the Argonautica project, CNES has developed BooPy beacons. These buoys, equipped with solar panels, can thus carry out in situ measurements, in parallel with their location by satellite. Two of them will be made available to several establishments which will have sensor discovery kits and analyze the data from the buoys. Here you will find the mission data that you can use for comparison.

The call for projects and its application form will be distributed in October by the rectorate.
Discover the scientific process in its environment
Toulouse Academy - Colleges

You will adapt the scientific protocol of one of the six research projects of the expedition to the environment of your establishment. Here you will find the link to these projects in outline to inspire you. We will also make the mission data available as it reaches us: you can possibly use it for comparative purposes.

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