The first expedition

Antarctique 2.0°C

The first expedition

Antarctique 2.0°C

Juste 2.0°C is an association whose objective is to support and promote projects that combine scientific research, awareness-raising and citizen initiatives on the effects of climate change and anthropization .


This way, it aims to promote environmental scientific culture and its appropriation by as many people as possible. Interdisciplinary research campaigns will bring together laboratories, teachers, centers of technical and industrial scientific culture (CSTI) and communities.

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The first expedition

Antarctique 2.0°C

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Antarctique 2.0°C is the first project supported by juste 2.0°C. The project aims to raise awareness and link scientific, educational, economic and cultural players on the subject of the preservation of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Atlantic and Antarctica.

The project involves a data collection campaign onboard a sailboat fitted out as a scientific laboratory from the French coast to the Antarctic Peninsula between September 2021 and May 2022.


Carried out in collaboration with French and international research laboratories, Antarctique 2.0°C is also intended to be an educational mission and to raise public awareness on the challenges of protecting threatened ecosystems .

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