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We are committed to sharing our passion for environmental and climate sciences at all scales. In addition to this, we believe that an important part of the ecological transition requires information and access to scientific culture, to enable citizens to take ownership of environmental policies.

Awareness-raising around the Antarctique 2°C project is done both online and in "face-to-face" events.

Online (popular science):

      - series of youtube videos on our research projects, release scheduled for early September 2021

      - presence on social networks (instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin) and regular publication of informative posts

        - series of podcasts around the latest new about climate change in research

        - preparation of interactive resources in progress: map of the journey with the position of the boat in real time, information sheets, videos during the expedition ...

In "face-to-face" (scientific mediation):

    - participation in local and international events (science festival, cultural exhibitions, conferences)

      - partnership with stakeholders in the dissemination of knowledge (Toulouse Natural History Museum, Paris Climate Academy) to organize cultural and scientific events around the Antarctic 2 ° C project

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