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"Why are you doing this?"

Explore, discover, learn, share ... As students at the ENS, these are missions that are important to us. We want to take advantage of a gap year in our studies to put them into practice.


Antarctica 2021 is a project that brings together research, adventure and awareness. With this project, we will be able to take our first steps as apprentice researchers by carrying out field studies that were prepared in advance. At the same time we will also do some scientific communication work on modern issues related to Antarctica. For us the goal is to share our knowledge with the broadest  possible range of people, but also to convey our passion for science.


We also believe that humanity must be aware of its impact on the environment. This will therefore be the guiding theme of the entire project: for the research part as for the awareness part, we will tackle subjects which are related to this theme, such as climate change, plastics, or biodiversity.

© Niels Dutrievoz
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