Awareness project

Our goal: to raise awareness and empower the public in the face of climate change.


To get there we will do some science communication. Indeed, recent data shows the influence of man on his environment, which sheds light upon the era known as the Anthropocene. In this context, it is the duty of scientists to inform the population of observations made in the field, so that societal choices are made with full knowledge of the facts.


The main challenge is to make these changes visible, because they take place on very large scales and difficult to grasp . For this, we will need to explain the link between climate change in Antarctica, and global climate change.


We will therefore take cameras with us on the expedition to make a series of documentary films for the general public. The format is expected to be 4 films of 52 minutes.



But we also want to mobilize future generations of researchers on the subject. By carrying this project as young scientists, we also want to address a young audience. For this we are setting up educational workshops with middle and high school classes (notably thanks to an educational buoy Argos, in collaboration with Edumed-Obs).

Film making

Educational project