Margot Legal


Born in the Mauges region, Margot entered the ENS Ulm after a "classe préparatoire" B/L at lycée Guist'hau in Nantes. She joins the department of social sciences where she follows an interdisciplinary programme that combines anthropology, sociology and history. Her Master's thesis leads her to conduct ethnographic research, through field inquiries that pay attention to the conditions under which scientific knowledge is produced.

In her M1 dissertation that focuses on an American sociological study in a French village (Chanzeaux, village d’Anjou – L.Wylie éd.), she analyses the impacts of a particular social and geographical environment on the conditions of scientific research.

Margot takes part in this project to offer a detailed and reflexive approach of the Antarctic expedition. Such an adventure also resonates with her childhood dreams of sailing and reaching faraway worlds.